The alternate delivery channel of banking services for banks, as personable as branches, at the fraction of the cost of ATMs or a branch.


Banking Services, Anywhere

Banking Transactions anytime and anywhere - an easier approach to your beneficiaries through us.

Low-Cost Operations

Roll out and deploy banking agent networks swiftly, keeping lower operational cost

Reliability and Secure

Reliable agent banking with point-to-point encryption as per PCIDSS or EMVCO or UADAI based security to safe guard all transactions & information

Facilitate Customer Onboarding

Easy customer onboarding with eKYC, customer identification, photo and digital data capture of PAN, ID’s, Address proof of new account applicants including the communication channels

One Point Loan Management

From Capturing loan applications in the field, disbursement and easier loan repayments via bank-trusted agents and partners

Grow Footfall

Reaching the ‘last mile’ customers by providing agent-assisted banking and micro-ATM services at doorstep to customers



Digital India initiative from the Govt. gives convenient access to banking services with increased footfall from Tier-1 to Tier-6 markets. Agency banking helps you increase the footfalls, especially in suburban and rural areas where branches and ATMs are few and far and cost of setting up of banking branches or ATM services are expensive on OPEX. Customers shall appreciate the touch points and will be willing to pay for the convenience with Agency Banking.

Leveraging the network of Banking agents to facilitate smoother banking transactions, loan disbursements & collections. Provide customers the convenience of banking on time, and reward customers for their loyalty. Benefits of the bank include lower operational cost, greater risk reduction, and the ability to sell new products to larger customer base outside the branch network or territory.


Banking Agents assist customers in performing transactions, aid them through the transaction experience and enable direct interaction with bank agents while avoiding the hassle to travel to the bank branches. Banking agents naturally educate customers to facilitate new account opening and also capture loan applications and close-knit banking experience a walk away.


Paperless AADHAR based e-KYC account opening and automated and electronic KYC processes. Capture real-time data online, photograph IDs, documents, and electronically capture signatures. No transcription errors, no loss of documents, direct online authorization. Even if a paper copy is required for regulatory compliance, the platform generates pre-filled PDFs and only the physical signature of the customer is required.

Integrate Seamlessly with our Business support system into existing loan approval and risk mitigation systems and augment with Big Data generated by customer transactions on VPAY integrated Technology platform.
Reduce the cost of loan collections by providing convenient places (Banking agent networks) and methods to pay by (cash or card or AADHAR Pay).