The Digital India program is a flagship program of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of the professed roles of Digital India.

The Payment industry is a baffling one because of its complexity, its diverse players, its fast-growing list of products and services, and the incredible pace at which it’s changing. This change made a difference made (and resulted in )the Launch of “Tejari Solutions Pvt Ltd” a Venture from “Voicepace Founders”. Tejari assures a “Win-Win” relationship with Govt., Banks, Payment providers, Aggregators, Merchants, and Customers.

Tejari provides Payment Inter-Working and Convergence partnerships. A Start-Up Established in 2017, Tejari is headquartered in Hyderabad, India & establishing in India(not required to mention India again), Singapore, Middle East, United States, UK & Australia. Led by a team with unrivaled experience in service convergence and service continuity, our services provide a competitive, cost-effective and robust inter-working platform designed to enable seamless payments mobility across multiple payment ecosystems, absolute transparency & technologies globally with one of the best service levels and capabilities.

We assure coverage around the world with a few simple network and billing configurations & one can be up and be running on our Hub. We assure to set up a world-class Global financial clearinghouse for all businesses. Our clearinghouse shall be compatible with the existing financial settlement system available to our clients with just an API integration centralized.

We are open to ideas and suggestions to all to help us serve with the best of our capabilities.


The Digital India program is a flagship program of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of the professed roles of Digital India.

How (The way )we do business is as important as what we do. We seek to build trust-based and lasting relationships with our many stakeholders to generate value in society and deliver long-term shareholder returns.

 To deliver and Keep on the promises we make
 To be the pre-eminent Payment service provider, providing customers with the best value to suit their needs.
 Deliver WOW through customer experience
 Create an attitude of innovation
 Embrace and drive value and change
 Build a positive and empowered team
 Be passionate and determined
 Build open and honest relationships with communication
 Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded( Be adventurous, creative, experimental with open mindedness)
 Commit to the highest standards of ethics and integrity
 Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we profess.


Strategy (Vision, Mission, and Ethical Values)
Tejari Strategy, we set out a Vision for the future of retail merchant payment systems that would:

“Customers want payments to be easy to use, secure, reliable, timely and good value. As a representative of a Merchant M-Commerce services organization, which is committed to putting Merchants first, we associate with the work of the Payment Systems of Banks, merchant acquirers, merchant aggregators, merchant hardware and technology partners, that focuses on making merchant payment systems work well for them to use”. – Ryali V Ramakrishna, Managing Director, Tejari Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We have an opportunity to radically simplify retail merchant payments infrastructure in India; enabling new stakeholders to take part in the payment systems with fewer barriers to entry and to compete more effectively to provide excellent financial services products to end-users.

We are evolving our strategy – allowing us to be competitive at a time when prices, policy, technology and customer preferences are changing. Our strategic priorities help us to deliver heat, light and mobility solutions for a changing merchant payments world.

Benefits of the Strategy; bringing all stakeholders together and coming out with a Strategy which is fit for purpose for the future – which puts the user at the center. In particular, the Simplified Payments Platform, providing common governance for APIs that act as the glue holding the payments architecture together.


Tejari is the Digital Payments Company. We develop the most comprehensive portfolio of the home location Payment technology service delivery platform with multi-market understanding, at the best transaction cost to end user with a Blend of technology and partnership consortium arrangements.

Tejari, its directors support high standards of corporate governance and comply with the Combined Code Principles of Good Governance and Code of Best Practice.

The Company Board, Audit Committee, and Remuneration Committees meet at regular intervals to review, among other things, company performance, significant contracts, legal and regulatory issues, new business, marketing, and other relevant issues.

Tejari Solutions Pvt Ltd believes that what a company stands for is as important as what it produces. We provide our customers with numerous ways of obtaining information and sending us their feedback. We encourage customers to contact us with their feedback, comments, and questions.

Tejari Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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Telephone (91) 40 6721 2121
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