Retail businesses want payments integrated directly into their existing business or enterprise billing systems or CRM’s, with transactions started from the register and amounts automatically entered. Tejari Solutions supports both large-scale traditional retail using Windows Embedded through to small-scale retail with micro-registers or modern web-based POS systems or offers an integrated retail CRM for merchants or merchant groups or organizations customized to their business needs. Tejari offers an omnichannel approach to integrated cards, AEPS, BHIM, UPI, Aadhar pay as a unified payment channel.

  • Point-of-sale integrations
  • Per user and per location reporting
  • Lower acquiring & operating costs
  • Loyalty or other scheme integrations
  • Unified Detailed transaction reporting



High volume, low-value payments collected at client premises are complex for financial accounting teams to reconcile payments with deliveries made or services performed. Furthermore, accepting cash is both risky and costly. Tejari’s Business support system can be custom-built for enterprises that allows remote card acceptance with each payment automatically tied to its transaction for their service delivery matrix.

  • Reduces cash management
  • Enable card-on-delivery payments
  • Integrated into existing CRM’s of customers
  • Per user reporting & reconciliations
  • Enterprise Dash Board


Collections from customers are difficult to manage for many businesses. Allowing customers, a range of ways to pay at their premises securely benefits both merchants and their customers. Tejari Solutions embed payments like card payments, AEPS, UPI, BHIM, Aadhar Pay into agents’ existing applications to allow for easy, fast, simple collections.

  • Reduces cash handling risk
  • Faster collections and repayments
  • New customer enrolment & e-KYC
  • Integrated into existing systems
  • Can be incorporated into any payment workflow


Consultations - Medical or Professional Services

Ease of payment options to customers with various platforms from NPCI like, card payments, UPI, BHIM, Aadhar, AEPS for Professional services with convenience and security. Traditional card acceptance has left these professionals with complex reconciliations at the end of every month. Tejari Solutions hosts customer specific workflows and automatic reports for east of usage for app the modes of payments and automatic reconciliations.
  • Eases payments and collections
  • Easy reconciliation of payments
  • Can be integrated to existing financial accounting software


Tejari Solutions are partnering with various service providers and govt agencies to complement one stop shop for all citizen services to provide one-stop nodal service. This ecosystem can be bilaterally available for Govt. and also citizens to connect for submission of applications to tracking to the delivery of services. Each day Government departments make and receive thousands of payments for a variety of reasons such as taxes, rates, fines, and benefits.

  • Secure card or Biometrics-based disbursements to compliment Agency Banking
  • Payment for government services
  • Spending and geographic usage analysis
  • Detailed audit trails and transaction records

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